Self Healing From Pain

Our bodies have amazing self healing properties.

Without thinking we very often react to pain or discomfort automatically by using our own self healing survival mechanisms. For instance if we get a headache our first reaction can be to place our hands each side of our head or on the affected painful area. This can sometimes bring immediate relief or at the very least a sense of mild comfort. If we bang our toe we can almost feel relief by holding our toe between our hands. If a child falls and hurts his or her knee, their first reaction is usually to rub the knee with their hands. Almost instinctively they begin a natural process of self-healing.

The natural healing ability of our hands comes into effect when we place our hands on the injured area of our body. When we place our hands on an injured area the sensation of touch temporarily blocks the signal of pain from travelling from the injured area to the brain. In many cases given time and conducive circumstances our bodies can heal automatically. This is what self-healing is all about. You need only watch in amazement how our own body heals from an injury or a wound.

What process is taking place?

Ancient cultures particularly those from the east have recognised this for thousands of years.

Most of the ancient healing methods have their origins in energy healing methods, so it is no surprise to learn that long before the stone age, our ancient ancestors understood about healing properties, herbs, and particularly the use of energy as a healing method for use with others and for self healing.

We do not have to research historical records of healing techniques to convince ourselves that simple old fashioned self healing methods can work.

In the case of an open wound, the wound begins its self-healing process from the inside out or from the bottom up. The wound begins to fill in by creating new tissue at the deepest part of a wound and builds up new tissue on the walls of the wound. This process continues through all the layers up to the surface of the skin.

Eventually the wound is covered in scar tissue - a fibrous tissue which replaces the normal skin. This scar tissue does not have the same texture of the original skin surface and is more fragile and does not have the pores or follicles similar to the original skin. Consequently scars can remain visible for long periods afterwards.

It is indeed miraculous to witness our wound healing process as our bodies heal and recover from ´accidents´ or injuries we are likely to receive during our lifetime.

The belief that we can heal is a powerful force in itself and so the self-healing process can be accelerated by our thought processes and our self belief. If we believe that we are or can be healthy and well, we activate the body´s inbuilt natural immune system and as a result, a self-healing chemical reaction commences. However the opposite is also true and a negative belief can re-instate in our consciousness that we are more likely to get ill or remain ill.

Remaining positive and becoming aware of our body´s ability to heal and particularly the body´s overall energy field is the first step towards enhancing our healing process from any health concern, illness, injury or disease.

The process of ´tuning in´ to our energy field is a simple and quick way to connect with our inner and outer body.
We are made of energy and even our thoughts are energy. With this knowledge we can now make that connection with ourselves in order to bring about healing on many levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This ´tuning in´ process can transform us in a very short time from where we are now to where we choose to be from now on. It can be the turning point in our lives from the person we were (with whatever health concern we have had) to the person we can now become.

(Create an image in your mind of your innermost wishes, dreams and aspirations).
It is of great importance to accept where you are at present. "You can´t leave where you´re not at." Firstly before any self-healing can take place it is vital that you acknowledge the situation you now find yourself in. Dwell on it for a time and ask yourself how you got here?
> What may have been the initial scenario or factor of this illness, issue or problem?
What lesson can be learned from what has happened?
How do you prevent this getting worse?
How can you avoid this happening again in the future?
Our bodies want to be healthy. Ask yourself is there anyone or anything that may be contributing to your ill-health?
This could entail some soul searching. (You may need help to find some answers to where it all began).

How does self-healing work?

Our bodies and all organs, systems and tissue are alive with life-force energy. Billions of atoms make up molecules which make up the cells of our body. Each cell is like a self-contained factory. It is alive with energy and knows what part of the body it needs to be in to make up the bone tissues, nails, teeth, skin, and blood cells plus organs and so on.

We are made of energy - this is the essence of our being - this is why we can self-heal.

At the subatomic level of everything - is pure energy. Quantum physics can now shows this scientifically. Everything in and around us is made of this energy. Everything in the universe and in the totality of the cosmos is made of this energy. This is the primal force of life itself.

How can I self-heal or heal myself?

Self-healing is not that complicated. Here are a few simple steps you can use to begin that self-healing process. You can tune into your energy body and use your thoughts and imagination to change the frequencies and vibrational flow of your body´s energy. It is a simple as changing the channel or station on your radio or tv and ´tuning in´ to another channel. Everything is perspective, and when you learn how to ´tune in´ you can magnify and enhance this self-healing process.

Five easy steps you can do in minutes:

So here are five easy steps you can do in minutes. Read through all five steps and then begin your own personal journey of self-healing.

1) Sit or lie in a comfortable position and become aware of your breathing.

Begin by grounding yourself to bring your awareness into the present. Breathe in and out very slowly and as you do listen to the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale. Diaphramatic breathing techniques can be beneficial for public speaking, improving singing techniques, prior or during sporting events, exams, insomnia, interviews etc to help the body to relax.
Anywhere, anytime, Diaphramatic breathing technique can be effective.
To commence take a deep breath. Avoid raising the shoulders.
Bring the breath right down to the diaphragm, then right down to the tummy, expanding the tummy. This exercises the lungs right down to the digestive area. Breathing like this signals the lungs to expand, allowing more oxygen which in turn oxygenates the blood supply throughout the body.
As you exhale, allow your shoulders to drop further, relaxing the entire body.

2) Place your hands in front of you (palms together) and rub them vigorously for about 30 seconds.

Feel your hands becoming warm as the friction generates heat in your hands.

3) Now hold your hands palm facing palm a few inches apart from each other, and slowly bring your hands towards each other and then move them away from each other. Continue to bring your hands in and out (towards and away from each other). Become aware of a sensation now in the palms of each hand.

This could feel like a ball of energy between your hands. This sensation may be a ´tingling´ sensation. It may be a sensation of cold or hot air. Some people may feel it like electricity or magnetism between their hands. You are now ´sensing´ your own energy. You are now ´sensing´ and ´feeling´ the ´aura´ or auric field or biofield which emanates from and surrounds your entire body. This is your life-force energy field. Become aware of this sensation and feel the energy flowing between your hands. This energy is always there - you are now feeling it because you have brought your attention and your awareness to recognising it.

4) Now close your eyes, and begin to move one hand over and back a few inches from the back of the other hand. Now very slowly move this hand up along your arm (a couple of inches out from your arm. ´Sense´ and ´Feel´ the energy of your hand as a sensation on the surface of the skin of your arm, as you move this ball of energy up along your arm.

As you practice this, keep your attention on what you are doing and remain focused on your intent - which is to bring about a ´healing´ affect to your arm. Try doing this with each hand. The more you practice this the better you will become at recognising, sensing and feeling this energy. You can repeat these steps 1- 5 as often as you like rubbing your hands together each time to build up the energy in your hands.

5) Where in your body do you feel you could benefit from some healing energy?

You can use each of your hands to move this ball of healing energy to other parts of your body. You can place both hands side by side on organs where you want to send healing energy. You can place your hands each side of your head or each side of a knee or ankle and focus your attention and intention to bring healing energy to a particular part of your body.

Become aware of the many sensations and feelings which you may experience.
Do you feel more relaxed?
Do you feel a sense of warmth and comfort?
Is this helping to relieve stress or pain anywhere in your body?
Do you feel more self-empowered knowing there is something positive you can do for yourself?
Repeat the above self-healing steps as often as you feel it necessary to help relieve stress, pain or discomfort in any part of your body.

Further self healing and stress reduction, using Diaphramatic breathing. When you take in a deep breath as described above; - hold the breath for a count of five seconds, then slowly exhale.

Use these breathing techniques as often as possible especially in stressful situations, or in fearful situations, panic attacks, or anxiety attacks. When you hold the breath to the count of five, the body has 5 seconds of total healing. The heart slows down, the andrenaline slows down. As you relax and release the breath, all the muscles, organs and tissue are flooded with oxygen and energy.

Important: Bio-energy or other alternative healing techniques have been specifically researched and designed to enhance and activate the client´s own natural ability to heal his or her self. These techniques are not a substitute for any prescribed medical treatments or medication or other medical or scientific diagnosis by health care professionals. It is important that therapists or practitioners advise their clients to seek consultation with a medical or healthcare professional prior to any therapy.